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Important Terms

  • Appeal: A request from a patient’s insurance company to review the denial of coverage.

  • Benefits: Services covered under a health insurance plan.

  • Coinsurance: The patient’s portion of the cost of a covered healthcare service after their deductibles have been met.

  • Copay: The fixed amount patients pay for a covered healthcare service. A person’s copay amount depends on their insurance plan.

  • Deductible: The most money a patient pays each year for healthcare services before their health insurance plan begins to pay.

  • Excluded Services: Healthcare services not covered by a patient’s insurance.

  • Insurance: A policy that covers all or a portion of a person’s medical expenses and/or medication.

  • Medically Necessary: Healthcare services or medicine needed to prevent, diagnose, or treat a disease or its symptoms.

  • Neurological: Related to the nerves and the nervous system within the body.

  • Neuromuscular: Related to the nerves and muscles within the body.

  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum: The most money a patient will pay for covered healthcare services each year.

  • Prior Authorization: Approval from a patient’s insurance company before they will cover the cost of a healthcare service or medication.

  • Specialty Pharmacy: A pharmacy that delivers specialty medications directly to patients through the mail.

  • Titration: The process of steadily increasing your medication dose according to a regular schedule prescribed by your doctor.

Keep a list of these terms handy for quick reference.