Real Patient Experiences

Real Patient Experiences

Pat, living with LEMS

Patient Video Testimonials

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The first time I met Andrea (from Catalyst Pathways), I was very impressed that she actually came to have a one-on-one with me.

Living with LEMS

Catalyst has checked up with me monthly. They were so kind; they were so comforting. They wiped out a lot of fear.

Living with LEMS

Having someone like my PAL to turn to means a lot. If something would ever come up, I could reach out to her for advice.

Living with LEMS

Meeting with Lynne was amazing and made you feel you’re a part of a family now. It really does. It’s like somebody out there caring for you, which is a nice feeling.

Mary Ann
Living with LEMS

Mary ann

I really learned a lot from the conversation.
The mentor answered all my questions and allayed many concerns I had.

Patient with LEMS describing their conversation with a LEMS Connection mentor

lems connection

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The LEMS Connection mentor program provides opportunities for LEMS patients to connect with others living with LEMS. If you’d like some first-hand insights, check out the LEMS Connection program.

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