Catalyst Pathways

Personalized Support for Healthcare Professionals, Patients, and Families

Catalyst Pharmaceuticals is committed to bringing innovative therapies to people with rare and debilitating neuromuscular and neurological diseases. We created Catalyst Pathways, a free, personalized program that offers patients and families one‐on‐one support throughout their treatment journey and a dedicated team of specialists that can help manage their unique challenges.

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Bill, living with Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS)

Romy, living with LEMS

By enrolling, you’ll gain access to comprehensive resources and guidance throughout your treatment journey:

One‐on‐one support from a dedicated Care Coordinator who has extensive experience in healthcare

In‐person support when you need it, especially during unique or urgent situations

Insurance and reimbursement assistance to help you understand and navigate your prescription coverage

Financial assistance programs to help eligible patients cover the cost of their medication

Get Started with Catalyst Pathways

Ready to get started? Talk to your doctor about enrolling. You can print an enrollment form and complete it together at your next appointment.

Enrolling in Catalyst Pathways is voluntary and free.

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Your Dedicated Pathways Team

Care Coordinator

Our Care Coordinators are nurses with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the healthcare system.

This will be your main point of contact and the first person you speak to at Catalyst Pathways.

Insurance Navigator

Insurance Navigators are knowledgeable professionals who are here to help your dedicated support team navigate the complicated world of health insurance.

Insurance Navigators will provide information to your Care Coordinator, who will communicate it to you.

Patient Access Liaison

Patient Access Liaisons (PALs) are regionally‐based, trained on your medication, and have deep experience within the healthcare system.

They can provide in‐person, one‐on‐one disease education as well as treatment and insurance support.

About Catalyst

Catalyst Pharmaceuticals is committed to improving the lives of individuals with rare and debilitating neuromuscular and neurological diseases through the development of life‐changing orphan drugs. Our patient‐centric mission and values are the driving force behind Catalyst Pathways.

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