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Catalyst Pathways

Personalized Support for Patients, Families, and Healthcare Professionals

Romy, living with Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS)

Catalyst Pharmaceuticals is committed to bringing innovative therapies to people with rare and debilitating neuromuscularRelated to the nerves and muscles within the body. and neurologicalRelated to the nerves and the nervous system within the body. diseases. We created Catalyst Pathways, a free, personalized program that offers patients and families one-on-one support throughout their treatment journey and a dedicated team of specialists that can help them manage their unique challenges.

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Ready to get started? Talk to your doctor. You can print the Enrollment Form and complete it together at your next appointment

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Get Support

Catalyst Pathways includes access to our Patient Services, which is a suite of financial and educational resources, and a team of people who can help you navigate your treatment journey.

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Connect With Your Team

We’re here to help. Our Care Coordinators and Patient Access Liaisons (PALs) partner with you to make sure you understand your medication and find the resources and help you need.