Your Personalized Support

We are a comprehensive patient support and services program. Our mission is to always put the patient first.
    Sr. Director, Patient Services
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Patient Services

Once you and your physician have completed and signed the Enrollment Form and have returned it to Catalyst Pathways, you can access Catalyst Pathways programs and services.

Your Personal, Dedicated Support Team

Your support team has extensive experience in healthcare and can help you with:

Medication support and educational resources

Navigating insurance and reimbursement requirements

Identifying financial assistance program eligibility

Free “Bridge” Medicine

If your insurance A policy that covers all or a portion of a person’s medical expenses and/or medications. coverage is being reviewed, Catalyst Pathways will provide qualifying patients with “Bridge” Medicine (free medicine to carry qualified patients over the gap between insurance investigation and confirmation of coverage).

Call Catalyst Pathways at 1-833-422-8259 to learn about your options.

Financial Assistance Programs

Catalyst Pathways has different types of financial assistance programs to help you with your out-of-pocket costs. Costs for medical care that aren't covered by insurance and must be paid by the individual.
Enroll to see what you may qualify for.

CopayThe fixed amount patients pay for a covered healthcare service. A person’s copay amount depends on their insurance plan. Assistance

For patients with commercial insurance, Catalyst Pathways lowers out-of-pocket costs to $0/month. While patients with government insurance may have a higher copay, many qualify for Foundation Assistance.If you’re having trouble paying your out-of-pocket costs, Catalyst Pathways can direct you to nonprofit organizations that can help you pay for your medicine.

Foundation Assistance

If you’re having trouble paying your out-of-pocket costs, Catalyst Pathways can direct you to nonprofit organizations that can help you pay for your medicine. If you have Medicare coverage and qualify for Foundation Assistance, your copay may be $10 or less.* Call Catalyst Pathways at 1-833-422-8259 for further information.

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

If you do not have insurance or are denied coverage, Catalyst Pathways provides free medicine to qualifying patients for as long as it’s needed.

Patients enrolled in Catalyst Pathways who are covered by Medicare and are using Foundation Assistance had an average copay of $3.56/month. Individual costs may vary. Average copay represents data through Q2 of 2019 and excludes patients who did not elect to pursue Foundation Assistance.

Education and Resources

Learning more about your treatment plan and condition can help you make informed decisions in consultation with your doctor. The Catalyst Pathways team can give you detailed information about your medication, dosing, and the titrationThe process of steadily increasing your medication dose according to a regular schedule prescribed by your doctor. process, as well as other helpful tools for managing daily life with your condition. They can also connect you to community and advocacy resources, such as patient support groups.

Get to Know the People Behind the Personalized Support

You have access to a dedicated team of specialists to help you throughout your treatment journey.